Monday, March 7, 2011

Ridiculous... Treatment for Snoring and other Sleep Problems

I am always seeing ads for different sleep aids, and patients are always bringing them in to ask me if it's worth their time or money. Some of them are downright hilarious:

I call this "The Bull."
I think it's self-mocking enough... and completely ineffective.
(It's also 10 cents worth of plastic)

Okay, now these are meant to be cute pillows I assume, but number 2 looks more like a pair of underwear. And is it really going to pull your jaw forward? How? Even custom made dental appliances have a hard time of doing this.

This should be called the "Cranky Spouse."
So... you snore, which wakes you up and disrupts your sleep. So we're going to solve this by waking you up with shocks.
It reminds me suspiciously of the shocking dog collar "invisible fence". In this case, it's the invisible boundry of snoring tolerated by your spouse.

It looks like this man is blowing a bubble with his gum.
What I find most amusing about this is that we all can see that it looks completely ridiculous, but they try to smooth that over with an attractive wife giving us the thumbs up. 
To be honest, I actually do not know if this would work or not. Maybe for someone with a big tongue who has apnea only to a mild degree in the supine position.

I actually like the one on the right.
The one on the left looks like the set up at the massage therapist's office.
They aren't trying to make any apnea claims here it seems, but I do think the model on the left was probably disappointed when she showed up for the shoot.

Again, no claims about sleep, but this does kind of look like a pillow from Space Odyssey 2001.
Or as though someone is storing their head like wine. 

This one frustrates me a little.
Not because as a person who reads EEGs, this is making the art of EEG interpretation a seemingly juvenile endeavor.
Not because I know it can't properly identify "sleep stealers."
Not because your "ZQ" is ridiculous, especially because I know their score is useless.
But because they try to charge you $249 dollars, less than you have to pay (assuming you have insurance) for a complete overnight sleep study in a lab with all the bells and whistles, a sleep technologist there with you all night, and the physician sleep specialist looking over your study to personally interpret your findings.

This CPAP mask actually works for some people. For people who truly feel claustrophobic while wearing their mask despite many different harder ones tried, or hate the actual hardness itself, this mask can be useful in keeping patients compliant and therefore helped by the use of CPAP.

But look at it. Objectively, it's ridiculous.
And leopard print?

Seriously?.. Leopard print?