Thursday, December 1, 2011

Migraine Diary Smart Phone App and a Coupon for Cheaper Treximet

When I can, I am always trying to find some way to make medications and treatments more affordable to patients. Patients sometimes mistakenly think I am somehow paid to give them more medications, make them reliant on medications, or am somehow linked to the drug companies or insurance companies.
That could not be further from the truth.

I hate (yes, I used this word) insurance companies and the time-consuming games they make me play to get many medications and treatments for my patients. They battle me on medical decisions all the time, when they have absolutely NO personal knowledge of the patient... nor Neurology/Epilepsy/Sleep Medicine for that matter.

I generally believe that less medication is better if you can get away with it, and feel that, while many drug companies are making earnest efforts to create medications that improve the length and quality of people's lives, they are fundamentally a business at heart and do not feel the sense of self-sacrificial calling that keeps me in the office to late hours not as infrequently as I would like.

Okay, that was my soapbox. Here is the coupon:

This is for Treximet.... IF this medication works for you. Fine. BUT keep in mind there many medications in this family of medications that may OR MAY NOT work for you. This is just one that happens to have a discount easy to get to. REALLY, YOU JUST NEED TO FIND THE ONE THAT WORKS FOR YOU PERSONALLY, WHETHER IT BE MAXALT, RELPAX, etc, or maybe not even a "triptan" but some other medication in the other families of medications used as a migraine abortive. If I come across other coupons, I'll put those up too.

---If you are my patient, then call my office and I'll see if I can find a card or something for your particular medication if it will help defray the cost.--

You can get $50 dollars off your first prescription of Treximet (a "triptan" family migraine abortive medication), and $25 dollars off of refills, as long as you are not on Medicare or Medicaid.

Text  FIFTY to the number 438669 and a coupon will be sent to your smart phone to show your pharmacy. You can use it even if you already have a script. 

OR, BY SNAIL MAIL if you prefer, you can fill out the following form and mail it to:
PO BOX 29410
Shawnee Mission KS 66201-9625

Extra: You can get an iPhone headache diary application for free, making it easier to keep track of your migraines to help your Neurologist:

Download "Migraine Notebook" from the iTunes Store. It's an easy, great little app once you quickly customize it.